RADIO Player Pro - Changelog

RADIO Player Pro (03/18/2023)
+ Information update in file and ShoutCast works in automatic mode
- Fixed incorrect disconnection of running reserve mode during autostart of retransmission playlist
- Fixed work of the reserve for streaming retransmission
- Fixed recording of retransmission stop event in the archive when using multiple sources
- Fixed errors when using plugin to play audio files
- Canvas does not allow drawing bug fixed

RADIO Player Pro (01/28/2023)
+ Added configurable silence detector exit delay for Retransmission
- Fixed playback stop fade
- Fixed saving the state of settings for email messages about retransmitting reserve
- Fixed detection of WAV files duration
- Fixed automatic deletion of files from the current playline
- Fixed possible repeat start of short files
- Fixed display of the wave form in file properties window
- Fixed backup creation when closing the program
- Fixed closing of the playlist start window
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (12/11/2022)
- Fixed file stop by stop flag

RADIO Player Pro (11/07/2022)
- Fixed import/export of application configuration

RADIO Player Pro (10/31/2022)
+ Warning about the presence of old playlists (Settings - Playlists)
+ Added the ability to auto-delete playlists by time (Settings - Playlists)
+ Added setting to restrict deleting a playlist (Playlist Properties)
- Optimized the display of the wave diagram, which led to increased load
- Lower CPU usage priority when loading a waveform
- Improving the stability of the program

RADIO Player Pro (09/03/2022)
- Fixed editing of playlists with Retransmitting type
- Fixed reconnection of streaming retransmitting in some scenarios

RADIO Player Pro (08/27/2022)
+ Added the ability to automatically adjust the width of list columns (Context menu View)
+ Added setting "Restart streaming retransmit when playlists start" (Settings - Retransmitting)
+ Added setting "Do not save wave form" (Settings - Archive)
+ Added setting to delete playlists before selected date in the list of playlists (Delete playlists selectively)
- Fixed Headphones function in Archive
- Fixed display of multi-level reserve status
- Fixed display of streaming retransmission level when the DTMF detector is enabled
- Fixed display of Archive logs when changing days
- Fixed missing messages when starting retransmitting
- Fixed work of AAC and AC3 streaming retransmitting
- Fixed start of retransmitting when it is already running
- Fixed retransmitting sound overlay on restart
- Fixed menu icons for adding playlists in the list of playlists
- Fixed output to retransmitting after deleting auto-jingle
- Fixed launch of sheets on audio detector signal
- Fixed saving the setting "Automatically check for program updates"
- Fixed saving "Today" setting in playlists auto-import properties

RADIO Player Pro (05/10/2022)
+ Improved functionality of the archive section, displaying dates and archive size
+ Ability to delete archive entries by dates
+ Ability to configure archive auto-deletion by time
+ Ability to listen and copy archive files
+ Ability to change the order of auto-import playlists
! Improved stream retransmission stability

RADIO Player Pro (04/17/2022)
- Fixed waveform display in file properties
- Fixed deletion of content when changing time in playlists
- Fixed auto-deletion of playlists if the playlist is stopped before the DTMF is detected

RADIO Player Pro (02/07/2022)
- Fixed error when starting with missing libraries
- Fixed playback of files

RADIO Player Pro (01/30/2022)
+ Added setting "Delete unplayed playlists with auto-delete mark" (Settings - Playlists)
! File properties merged into one tab
- Fixed display of waveform in file properties
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (12/27/2021)
- Fixed bug with stopping playback on retransmitting
- Fixed Auto-jingles function
- Fixed playlists duplicate start using audio detector
- Fixes for deleting playlists for a period
- Fixed missing message about stopping reserve broadcasting

RADIO Player Pro (10/16/2021)
+ Additional settings for loading data (Settings - Tags and data)
+ Added support for three levels of reserve
+ Added events and E-ails for starting and stopping the reserve for reserved retransmitting
+ Added ability to archive configuration using the Windows Scheduler
! Improvements to saving and loading waveforms
- Fixed possible file playback overlap

RADIO Player Pro (07/07/2021)
+ Added setting When starting a suitable playlist, play files based on playlist start time (Settings - PlayLists)
+ Added setting to use playlist start time to display file start time (Settings - Advanced)
+ Added configurable custom import format based on Perl RegEx
+ Added setting Do not change personal fade settings (Settings - Music bases)
! Improved auto-import function when message display in turned on
! Improved time display for waveform
- Fixed line soft-wrap in the text window
- Fixed loading of data from Information bases
- Fixed bugs when loading the waveform
- Fixed possible accidental closing of playlist start waiting window
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (04/17/2021)
+ Ability to load a waveform with higher resolution in the file properties window (by pressing F5)
+ Ability to use cursor up and down keys in quick search
! Fixed FLAC playback
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (02/06/2021)
+ Added columns with markers for the beginning of the hour (Hour) in lists of files and playlists
+ Added import of DRC 100 Planer (JSON) playlists
! Reduced interface flickering

RADIO Player Pro (11/18/2020)
+ Added the ability to sort file lists by click on column
+ Added setting for updating Titles when reading tags in file lists
- Fixed display of Retransmitting status in the title

RADIO Player Pro (10/18/2020)
+ Additional view settings for program (Settings - View)
+ Additional fields for status in information export and for HTTP server
- Fixed the problem with flickering in play level indicator
- Fixed Audio Detector functioning for Retransmitting in System Mixer mode
- Fixed sending info to IceCast server
- Fixed auto-saving of file list in playlist after reading file properties
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (08/06/2020)
+ Added selection of sound sampling frequency in Settings
! Reduced delays when working with non-existent network file paths
! Retransmitting stability improvements
+ Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (03/22/2020)
- Fixed reconnection of the stream when the connection is lost
- Fixed launch of the last playlist file on list stop
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (02/09/2020)
+ Added indicator of loss of connection for the Internet stream
- Fixed restart of retransmission on upon own air broadcasting
- Fixed re-connection for Internet stream
- Fixed saving default fade for playlist

RADIO Player Pro (12/04/2019)
+ Added setting to display copied playlists in the list when copying
+ Added period support for displaying a list of playlists
+ Display of the level of reserve at local broadcast
+ Improved DTMF Audio Detector performance
- Fixed stopping by the last playlist file
- Fixed loading Intro/Outro from tags with old format
- Fixed volume setting for Headphones
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (09/15/2019)
+ Added debugger options
! Improved compatibility with Windows XP
- Playlists import improvements
- Fixed hot keys in lists
- Fixed saving playlist properties when saving a list of files in the playlist panel
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (07/27/2019)
+ Added the ability to disable display of the Minibase window on top of other windows in the View menu.
+ Added state saving of Load Indicator for Minibase sections
- Fixed determination of duration for some file types
- Fixed decrease in volume for mixer buttons
- Fixed saving state for Use replace rules for file path during import
- Fixed creating a backup when exiting the program
- Fixed automatic stop of retransmitting

RADIO Player Pro (03/28/2019)
+ Added support for multiple email recipients
+ Added option Ignore personal fade settings for backward compatibility
- Fixed detection of DTMF in "Listen device" mode
- Fixed selection of playback device for Windows XP
- Fixed retransmitting for devices with a symbol / in the name
- Fixed saving unplayed files which were deleted in automatic mode

RADIO Player Pro (11/23/2018)
+ Display fade settings based on start / end of file
+ Added Reserve mode indicator
- Fixed output to backup broadcast
- Fixed preloading files
- Fixed playback position display
- Fixed file start / end mix marks handling
- Fixed revert to reserve broadcast
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (10/02/2018)
+ Ability to autodelete playlists by date when importing
! Improved deletion of playlists
- Fixed duplication of reserve start messages
- Fixed restart of the current retransmission
- Fixed exit from the reserve mode

RADIO Player Pro (08/28/2018)
+ Ability to configure several types of playlists auto-import
+ Run autoimport by Shift + F6
+ Highlight detected sample in samples list
+ Email messages for auto import
- Fixed loss of fade settings in MiniBase
- Fixed repeat detection of detector samples in manual mode
- Fixed errors when reading tags during playback

RADIO Player Pro (06/08/2018)
+ Ability to remove playlists by parameters
- Fixed displaying of dialog windows
- Fixed editing properties of jingles
- Fixed changing playlist properties from the Player tab
- Fixed loading of tags
- Fixed playback bugs

RADIO Player Pro (05/07/2018)
+ Added type selection for newly created playlist
! Improved handling of playback errors
- Fixed the work of backup music playlists and auto-jingles
- Fixed saving of Email message settings for Detector samples
- Fixed autosaving of the maximum block size
- Fixed duplicate event "Sample disabled"
- Fixed saving of System Mixer settings
- Fixed auto import by folder change
! Stability improvements

RADIO Player Pro (03/30/2018)
+ Adding directories to the file list via Drag'n'Drop from Explorer
- Fixed playback of Flac format
- Fixed editing auto-jingle playlist in the Player panel
- Fixed copying properties of playlists
- Fixed autostart playback at program startup
- Fixed saving waveform to archive
! Improve the stability of work

RADIO Player Pro (03/23/2018)
+ Updated HTTP server interface
+ Authorization settings for the HTTP server
+ Auto-load history for the current day at startup
! Retransmitting enhancements for "Listen Device" mode
- Fixed retransmission volume when changing system time
- Fixed HTTP server operation
- Fixed auto-delete files from disk
- Fixed saving of playlist properties

RADIO Player Pro (02/19/2018)
+ Added ability to set maximum duration for list of files and playlists
+ Added fill indicator for list of files and playlists
+ Additional E-mail messages (Program Launch / Exit, Playback errors)
+ Added support for 7-zip archives
+ Ability to specify the sender's or recipient's name in Email (Sender <>)
! AudioDetector messages are grouped by playlists
- Fixed editing information templates

RADIO Player Pro (02/07/2018)
+ Additional columns for fade and cross-fade tables
! Improved reconnecting of stream retransmission when connection is broken
! Retransmission enhancements for "Listen Device" mode
- Fixed cross-fade change when editing fade names
- Fixed start / stop of playlists for every day
- Fixed priorities for launching playlists by date
- Fixed crossfades with retransmission
- Fixed editing and saving of personal fades for the playlist
- Fixed reserve mode
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (01/16/2018)
+ Color settings for personal fade
- Fixed saving of tags in file properties
- Fixed title update errors from the stream
- Fixed file mix
- Fixed auto import of playlists
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (12/09/2017)
+ Ability to use several plug-ins for sound processing
+ Display current information from playing stream
+ Advanced settings for splitting playlists in the Import Wizard
+ Ability to add extensions to file names when importing
+ Ability to specify day for playlists without date when importing
+ Added DTMF threshold level for AudioDetector
+ Winamp version emulation setting for DSP plug-ins
+ Auto-loading file data from MiniBase
- Fixed bug with starting the program twice
- Fixed loading of fades in MiniExplorer
- Fixed loading tags
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Player Pro (10/24/2017)
+ Added options for archive setup
+ Added Email messages for Audio Detector
+ Added setting of the playback buffer for retransmission
! Renaming a fade is applied to all objects with this fade type
! Retransmission enhancement for "Listen device" mode
+ Added playback device setting MiniExplorer
- Fixed missing items for mouse button menu
- Fixed bugs when defining multiple DTMF samples
- Fixed incorrect change playlist start properties in Reserve mode
- Fixed saving of some parameters for playlists import
- Fixed duplicates in Import playlist auto-corrector settings
- Fixed the work of canceling changes in the list of playlists
- Fixed relay operation in mixer control mode
- Fixed import for every day and day of the week

RADIO Player Pro (09/25/2017)
+ Added updated MiniExplorer with search and listen functions
+ Added separate setting for auto-import of playlists
+ Added auto-import for playlists on source directory change event
+ Added saving mixer settings ещ restore on start or exit
+ Added setting for minimizing the program instead of closing
+ Extended range for sample sensitivity level in AudioDetector
+ Display level in Audio Detector with samples are inactive
+ Improved DTMF signal recognition
! Improved stability
- Fixed launch of the playlist by the AudioDetector
- Fixed deleting playlist files after stopping
- Fixed retransmission fade function
- Fixed device volume setting on playback
- Fixed loading data from tags for starting playlists

RADIO Player Pro (08/17/2017)
- Fixed detector function for playlist exit marks
- Fixed exit from the reserve to streaming retransmission
- Fixed reserve function during the local playlist play

RADIO Player Pro (08/16/2017)
+ Information templates by day of the week and time
+ Regular expression replacement in information templates
+ Loading text from file in information templates
- Filter fixes by date in playlists
- Reduced memory consumption
- Fixed loading and saving of tags

RADIO Player Pro (08/09/2017)
+ Signature settings for the main time
+ Additional time panel
+ Configuring file types to use DirectShow codecs
- Disable reading fade from tag for personal fade

RADIO Player Pro (08/03/2017)
- Fixed jingle list editing
- Fixed stopping playback when right-clicking on the waveform
- Fixed stop fade calculate if file end mark used
- Fixed fade editing if time accuracy changed
- Fixed MiniBase sections duplicating

RADIO Player Pro (08/01/2017)
- Fixed bugs when launching the headphones window

RADIO Player Pro (07/26/2017)
- Fixed processing of Folders / Playlists.
- Fixed import of autojingles settings from the first version
- Prefer ID3v2 tag for MP3 files instead of ID3v1
+ Added version check when restoring configuration from archive

RADIO Player Pro (07/25/2017)
- Fixed loading title from tag
- Fixed displaying start and stop time in file list
- Fixed processing of Folders / Playlists.

RADIO Player Pro (07/24/2017)
+ Added option to select sort by date and time for playlists
+ Option to display playlists only for a specific date
- Fixed import of the minibase from the first version
- Fixed display of start and end times in the file list

RADIO Player Pro (07/21/2017)
- Fixed archive saving

RADIO Player Pro (07/20/2017)
+ Additional sorting options for file lists
- Fixed text file export errors
- Fixed file moving to list end

RADIO Player Pro (07/19/2017)
- Fixed saving types in the list of playlists
- Fixed editing of fade
- Fixed saving playlist autojingles settings
- Fixed processing of information templates
+ Added option to write BOM marker for UTF-8

RADIO Player Pro (07/18/2017)
- Fixed errors on first start

RADIO Player Pro (07/15/2017)
+ Added quick explorer launch and visible folder setting
+ Added setting for visual amount of played files for autodelete function
- Optimized CPU load for big number of playlists
- Optimized file data loading from disk

RADIO Player Pro (07/12/2017)
+ Audio detector in a separate window (F3)
+ Additional audio detector settings
- Fixed device setting for Headphones
- Fixed duration detection in the Headphones window
- Fixed Drag'n'Drop files from Explorer
- Fixed Fade loading from tags

RADIO Player Pro (06/26/2017)
+ Save fade in tags in a new extended format
+ Improved work of visual fade editor
+ Crossfade settings using the visual fade editor
+ Support for Flac, APE tags
- Fixed saving of the retransmit playback device
- Fixed start of DSP plug-ins at startup
- Fixed restore of the program from the tray icon

RADIO Player Pro (06/22/2017)
+ Added mix mark for initial fade
! Changed display and editing of personal fades
- Fixed connection and data request from RADIO Base Pro

RADIO Player Pro (06/21/2017)
+ Added automatic URL stream reconnection
+ Added saving of retransmission to the log
+ Added modification and addition of fade in file and retransmitting properties
- Fixed display of types in the playback history
- Fixed selection and modification of fade in file properties
- Fixed editing of columns of lists
- Fixed launch of several DTMF samples simultaneously
- Fixed problems in starting the "Reserve" mode
- Fixed bug with the first start of the MiniBase

RADIO Player Pro (06/15/2017)
+ Updated interface
+ Visual fade editor
+ Visual playback display
+ Auto-marking of the beginning and end of the file
+ Save wave diagram data in playlists
+ Built-in audio detector (DTMF)
+ Processing retransmitting using DSP plugins
+ Additional types of retransmission (relay, Internet stream)
+ Individual reserve playlists
+ Retransmitting reserve as an alternative source or Internet stream
+ Advanced template editor for exporting information
+ Profile manager
+ Full Unicode support
RADIO Player Pro
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