RADIO Rotator Pro - Changelog

RADIO Rotator Pro (02/27/2023)
- Fixed new database creation

RADIO Rotator Pro (01/28/2023)
+ RADIO Base Pro 3.1 database support
+ Added conditions for creation and change time of file in database and file on disk
- Fixed backup of large databases
- Fixed bug when exporting timetable

RADIO Rotator Pro (02/07/2022)
- Fixed playback of files

RADIO Rotator Pro (01/30/2022)
+ Added export format for INFOADIO
- Fixed work with RADIO Base Pro v.2
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (10/16/2021)
- Fixed preserving of the clip templates order when generating a schedule

RADIO Rotator Pro (07/07/2021)
+ Added setting for cycling clips to playlist templates
+ Added start fade mix mark support
+ Added time accuracy settings
- Fixed saving global clip cycling setting
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (04/17/2021)
+ Added template for every day in a simplified mode
+ Improved schedule generation
- Fixed Advanced mode
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (06.02.2021)
! Reduced interface flickering
- Bug fixes

RADIO Rotator Pro (02/09/2020)
- Fixed incorrect weekday handling in schedule

RADIO Rotator Pro (12/04/2019)
+ Added support for RADIO Base Pro 3.0
+ Added ability to switch music database
+ Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (09/15/2019)
+ Added new export formats and additional file name settings
- Fixed database backup
- Fixes for the debugger

RADIO Rotator Pro (09/15/2019)
+ Ability to disable / enable columns in lists
+ Additional columns for the schedule
! Improved compatibility with Windows XP
+ Added debugger options
+ Added export formats and file name settings
- Fix saving columns
- Fixed processing of the rule "played at least hh:mm:ss before"
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (03/23/2019)
+ Added option "Disable same Artist in the block" (Settings - General restrictions)
+ Added option "Disable clip template cycling" (Settings - General)
+ Display the duration with and without the mix in the list of files of the generated playlist
! Acceleration of playlist generation algorithm
! Improving the processing of playing time rules
- Fixed advertisement time display
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (11/10/2018)
+ Changed export for Digispot in Djin format
+ Added export for Digispot in Digiton format
+ Added Fade column to the list of files шт generated timetable
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Rotator Pro (09/04/2017)
- Fixed export of fade parameters
+ Added export in Player v.2 format

RADIO Rotator Pro (04/30/2017)
+ Added hot keys to playlist editor
+ Added comparing (Equal/Not Equal) with empty value
- Fixed "not equal" condition functioning
- Fixed errors in playlist editor

RADIO Rotator Pro (01/17/2017)
+ Added clip template conditions mouse move function
+ Added clip template conditions copy/paste function
+ Separate settings fro manual and automatic export
- Fixed saving export format settings
- Fixed saving and function of "Disable block overlap" setting

RADIO Rotator Pro (05/30/2016)
+ Autoexport options for Windows Task Scheduler
+ Added ability for overlapped blocks
+ Added new functions to advanced air grid
+ MySQL 5.7 compatibility
- Fixed Import/Export databases with international symbols

RADIO Rotator Pro (05/13/2015)
+ Added unmatched clip view button
+ Added RADIO Base Pro start menu (F2)
+ Added MySQL 5.6 compatibility
! Fixed zero duration clip bug
! Removed no clip warning during timetable creation
! Increased list lines height
! Improved clip template rules view
- Fixed import/export bugs
- Fixed DB Version error on login

RADIO Rotator Pro (07/08/2013)
! Updated Registration form
- Removed demo restriction for saving login password
- Fixed errors in What's new form

RADIO Rotator Pro (09/18/2012)
+ Ability to add Genre, Album, Composer, Text Author, Year to exporting playlists.

RADIO Rotator Pro (08/24/2012)
+ "Actions before stop" settings was added to export playlists properties.

RADIO Rotator Pro (07/13/2012)
- The CoInitialize exception in data export was fixed.

RADIO Rotator Pro (05/30/2012)
! The synchronous import/export of all interconnected databases (Music DB + Rotator) was realized.
* Support of 1.6 version of Clip DB.
- The "error in your SQL syntax" in "Style played less/not less than" condition was fixed.

RADIO Rotator Pro (02/03/2012)
+ Profile manager was added.
* The "Language" menu item was moved to right-top corner of application main menu.

RADIO Rotator Pro (01/13/2012)
* Support of clips database of version 1.5.

RADIO Rotator Pro (01/04/2012)
- Fixed some problems of MySQL connection.

RADIO Rotator Pro (12/29/2011)
+ New export formats was added.

RADIO Rotator Pro (12/22/2011)
+ New export formats was added.
- Fixed problem of disappearing files from playlist which was transferred to the recycle bin.

RADIO Rotator Pro (12/17/2011)
+ Using the advanced settings, including RADIO Checker Pro, in export playlists properties.
* Extra slash in the path to the files was removed.
! The logic of playlists protection was changed. Now you can remove the protection from the last playlist.
* Clips from zero duration allowed, but not used.

RADIO Rotator Pro (11/07/2011)
+ Add fade settings in exporting playlists.

RADIO Rotator Pro (09/14/2011)
! Automatic reconnect to the MySQL server after a communication failure.
* Hard set MySQL Storage Engine = InnoDB.
- Fixed "Argument out of range" problem when generating of schedules.

RADIO Rotator Pro (08/17/2011)

+ Accounting of playback history in the clip template. For example, you can exclude/include clips, which artist was played less than three hours ago.
+ Ability to set general limits on the generated playlists. For example, you can exclude any particular artist, clip, genre, etc. Or set to the same singer sounded no more than once in three hours.
* Ability to set one start time for two different files, which sometimes mix rules required.

RADIO Rotator Pro (9.03.2011)
! First English version of the application

RADIO Rotator Pro
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