A complex of programs for automating radio and internet radio, suitable for broadcasting radio station broadcasts. It can be used for music and advertising accompaniment of shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, urban environments, and various events.

The programs are ready to use immediately after installation. The user-friendly and intuitive interface will help you quickly set up and start broadcasting. Free trial versions will give you the opportunity to test and evaluate all the available features of the software products RADIO STUDIO PRO.

Software for radio broadcasting automation. It is used for planning, playback and recording of on-air programs on broadcasting and internet radio stations. Suitable for relay broadcasting of radio stations with automatic insertion of advertising blocks into the broadcast using DTMF tags. It may be used for music accompaniment and advertising broadcasting in trade and entertainment complexes, cinemas and clubs.

Is your goal to launch a radio station and fully automate it, create a musical atmosphere, and provide advertising in a shopping and entertainment complex, store or cinema? The RADIO STUDIO PRO complex will allow you to achieve the desired result quickly and without major expenses!

RADIO STUDIO PRO is a suite of programs that allows you to automate a radio broadcasting system, including Internet radio. All processes, from playing audio files or internet streams, inserting advertising blocks, generating reports, broadcasting retransmissions, to automatic recording and storage of broadcasts, as well as many other professional functions, are available in our programs.

To test the functionality of our software and familiarize yourself with their features, we recommend that you install the demo versions, which are freely available on the website. Download the demo version of our software and discover their capabilities before making a purchase.

RADIO Player Pro

Universal player

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RADIO Logger Pro

Recording and storing broadcasts

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RADIO AdsMan Pro

Creating an advertising schedule

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RADIO Rotator Pro

Creating a music schedule

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RADIO Base Pro

Music database

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RADIO Reporter Pro

Creating reports

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