Radio automation is simple!

RADIO Studio Pro

Radio Broadcasting Automation System

RADIO Base Pro RADIO Rotator Pro RADIO Reporter Pro RADIO Logger Pro RADIO AdsMan Pro RADIO Player Pro

A complex of programs for radio and internet radio automation, suitable for broadcasting radio stations, as well as for music and advertising accompaniment for shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, urban environments, and various events.

It is used for planning, playback and recording of programs on broadcasting and Internet radio stations. Supports automatic insertion of advertising blocks into the station's broadcast using DTMF markers.

The complex consists of several programs that can be used together or separately to solve automation tasks.

RADIO Player Pro

Universal player

RADIO Player Pro

Offers a wide range of features, including creating playlists with scheduled start times, automatic jingles, listening to files on a separate sound card, and automatic insertion of advertisements. Additionally, it is equipped with built-in DTMF tag detection, multi-level backup for a retransmission, and exporting information for RDS and Shoutcast servers.

With these features, the versatile player provides flexibility and convenience for radio stations and provides all the necessary tools for radio broadcasting automation and advertisement management.

RADIO Logger Pro

Recording and storing broadcasts

RADIO Logger Pro

The program offers functional capabilities such as automatic recording and archiving of radio broadcasts, an archive journal displaying all recordings, settings for the size of saved blocks (from 1 minute to 1 day), as well as settings for the recording format and quality. The program supports compressing recordings into MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and offers customizable storage periods for archived recordings.

Users can selectively listen to saved recordings, which provides convenience and efficiency in working with archives. The variety of functions makes this program an indispensable tool for radio stations that require automating the process of recording and storing broadcasts.

RADIO AdsMan Pro

Creating an advertising schedule

RADIO AdsMan Pro

The program provides features such as automatic creation of playlists according to schedule, export of playlists in various formats (RADIO Player Pro, Winamp, Powergold, Digiton, etc.), built-in report generator for printing with form editor, and commercial spots with multiple files. The program also allows managing multiple radio stations and automatically calculating prices based on tariff plans.

Thanks to these features, the program is a powerful tool for radio stations that need to manage advertising schedules, create playlists and reports, as well as control the cost of advertising based on tariff plans.

RADIO Rotator Pro

Creating a music schedule

RADIO Rotator Pro

The program offers functions such as creating a music schedule based on format, exporting playlists in various formats (RADIO Player Pro, Winamp, Powergold, Digiton, etc.), built-in report generator for printing with a form editor, importing advertising schedules from RADIO AdsMan Pro, and optimal adjustment of playlist playback time for airtime. The program also allows for storing broadcast history.

With the help of this program, radio stations can quickly create music schedules, export playlists, generate reports, import advertising schedules, and control the duration of playlists on-air, ensuring effective radio broadcasting management.

RADIO Base Pro

Music database

RADIO Reporter Pro

The program offers functions for storing a database of music compositions and managing data. Including the ability to connect to RADIO Player Pro to download information, add individual files and folders with extraction of information from tags, edit file properties in the database, and listen to files in the program. Additionally, the program provides the ability to search for files in the database based on specified parameters and other functions for convenience in working with music data.

Thanks to these features, users can efficiently organize and manage their music library, as well as easily find and process information about music files.

RADIO Reporter Pro

Creating reports

RADIO Reporter Pro

The program provides support for RADIO Player Pro and RADIO AdsMan Pro archives, as well as support for data filters during archive loading. The program includes built-in report forms for copyright societies and a built-in report generator for printing with a form editor, ensuring flexibility and convenience in report creation.

Thanks to these functions, users can easily create reports on archives using filters and pre-set forms, which saves time and ensures the accuracy of the information in the presented reports.