RADIO Player Pro - License

License information
  • Life-time license with no annual fees
  • One license can be used for one computer only
  • Free updates within major software version. V.x.x.x (V - major version, x - any number)
  • Price doesn't include VAT and other taxes which may exist (depends on customer's country)
  • Primary technical support
  • Free software reactivation if you change your computer
If you have any questions please contact our licensing department.
New license
License price in US Dollars
$ 99.00
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License upgrade
Terms for updating licenses for RADIO Player Pro v.1 -> v.2.

Licenses purchased after February 1, 2017 can be upgraded to version 2.0 free of charge.

To renew licenses purchased before February 1, 2017, we provide update at special price.
Upgrade price in US Dollars
$ 49.00
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RADIO Player Pro
Tips ...
RADIO Player Pro has "Backup" mode in case of external signal disappearance.