RADIO AdsMan Pro - Changelog

RADIO AdsMan Pro (04/09/2023)
! Improved media plan import from Excel
- Fixed missing playlist type selection in block properties
- Fixed saving of file information (bitrate, frequency, etc.) in playlists and video cards

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/28/2023)
- Fixed timetable editing
- Fixed data change monitoring function

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/25/2023)
+ Ability to run all created export templates by pressing the auto-export button in the schedule list
+ Ability to run all created auto-export templates by pressing the export button in the schedule list
+ Separate button for customizable export in the schedule list
+ Added a warning to save media plan changes when closing the card window
+ Fixed re-generation of schedule when changing cards activity

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/18/2023)
+ Ability to import media plan from Excel files (*.xls, *.xlsx) in media plan editor
- Fixed display of position in advertising card
- Bug fixes and other improvements

RADIO AdsMan Pro (01/28/2023)
+ Added block highlighting in media plan by Announcer
+ Added a button to reset the media plan and the period in card window
+ Added option to use red highlight for cards with zero duration
+ Added export time column for timetables list
- Fixed display of changed card properties in media plan tab
- Fixed display of the media plan of imported cards

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/03/2022)
+ Added a window for importing card with media plan validation
+ Added media plan correction templates for importing cards from other profiles
+ Added ability to copy/paste cards between programs via the clipboard
+ Added ability to copy/paste the selection of the media plan between programs via the clipboard
+ Added ability to selectively mark cells in media plan editor with mouse and Ctrl key or with M key
+ Added the ability to undo/redo actions in the media plan editor
! Changed card properties window to be more informative

RADIO AdsMan Pro (11/07/2022)
- Fixed error when creating a report of Card type
- Fixed import/export of application configuration

RADIO AdsMan Pro (10/31/2022)
+ Added file parameters Link, Copyright, Info and Section for loading from RADIO Base Pro
+ Added setting to restrict deleting a playlist (Block Properties)
- Fixed card spot count in reports with selected period
- Removed setting "Timetable - Update duration of files from disk" ("Update all file parameters from disk or database" is used instead)
- Fixed context help

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08/27/2022)
+ Added the ability to automatically adjust the width of list columns (Context menu View)
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/01/2022)
+ Added the ability to launch external programs after export
+ Added sorting of clips in reports by period
- Fixed report footer generation
- Fixed export of playlists for formats with absolute time
- Fixed multi-user automatic login to the application
- Fixed error when loading large number of cards

RADIO AdsMan Pro (05/10/2022)
- Fixed new Fade creation

RADIO AdsMan Pro (04/17/2022)
- Fixed waveform display in file properties

RADIO AdsMan Pro (02/22/2022)
+ Unicode format setting when exporting schedules
+ Configuring message display when exporting schedules
- Fixed missing menu for the right mouse button in schedules
- Fixes for closing of the program during export

RADIO AdsMan Pro (02/07/2022)
! Optimization of memory usage for configuration import from old versions
- Fixed playback of files

RADIO AdsMan Pro (01/30/2022)
+ Added support for data synchronization with RADIO Base Pro
+ Added export format for INFOADIO
- Fixed creating a schedule with saving all fade settings
- Bug fixes

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/27/2021)
- Fixed function of "Do not use automatic stop if there is no music addons" setting in block properties
- Fixed the creation of playlists in the schedule for the date of the schedule
- Fixed headphones stopping when closing a window

RADIO AdsMan Pro (10/16/2021)
+ Added ability to archive configuration using the Windows Scheduler
- Fixed autosaving of the configuration archive by time
- Fixed display of the media plan period for Card reports
- Fixed deletion of old configuration archives when there is a limit on archive amount

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/18/2021)
+ Added setting "Restrict adding card to overloaded block" (Settings - Actions)
+ Added mode for marking blocks in the media plan with file numbers and holding down the Shift key
+ Ability to create card by dragging the file with the mouse from the Explorer
+ Built-in support for playing files without codecs
! Improved time display for waveform
- Fixed bugs when loading the waveform
+ Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (02/06/2021)
+ Added setting "Day arrange template" in the media plan filling wizard
! Reduced interface flickering
- Fixed Tables reports creation

RADIO AdsMan Pro (11/18/2020)
- Fixed data import from RADIO AdsMan Pro v.1

RADIO AdsMan Pro (10/18/2020)
- Fixed saving the grid settings for the card
- Fixed period in the Invoice for Invoice report template
- Fixed loading report settings

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08/06/2020)
+ Added columns Section, Group, Customer, etc. to the timetable file lists
+ Added saving of Section, Group, Customer, etc. in the created timetable
+ Added setting of columns of displayed data for the media plan editor
! Optimization of memory usage when viewing a media plan
- Fixed data loading for some reports
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (09/15/2019)
+ Added new export formats and additional file name settings
- Fixes for the debugger

RADIO AdsMan Pro (09/08/2019)
+ Ability to use grouped add-ons
! Fixed display of percentage of playlists in the list
! Improved compatibility with Windows XP
+ Added debugger options
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/07/2019)
+ Added support for 7-zip archives.
- Fixed MiniBase errors

RADIO AdsMan Pro (05/01/2019)
+ Ability to cancel some long actions
- Fixed file player
- Fixed display of the card creation date

RADIO AdsMan Pro (04/04/2019)
+ Ability to cancel some long actions

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/25/2019)
+ File spots count information in Air report
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08/28/2018)
+ Additional report fields
- Fixed reports
- Fixed files playback
- Fixed timetable editing

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/15/2018)
- Fixed parent report missing error
- Fixed interface display problems under Windows 7

RADIO AdsMan Pro (02/19/2018)
+ Card data in Playlists type reports
+ Ability to customize the font for headers of promotional meshes
+ Ability to customize the font for the Schedule list.

RADIO AdsMan Pro (01/16/2018)
- Fixed update of cards duration manually
- Fixed editing of the created schedule
- Optimizing memory usage
- Fixed the option "Collect in a single playlist" for the Schedule report
- Fixed applying changes from Air grid to Grid templates
- Fixed search for cards
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/01/2017)
+ Added option to update files duration from disk to create timetables
+ Added export format PowerGold (Natural Log)
! Improvements in the search for cards
- Fixed time addons usage
- Fixed interface repaint when resizing program window
- Fixed the loss of file titles
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08/16/2017)
- Optimizing memory usage
- Fixed export in RADIO Player Pro v.1 format
- Fixed export of cards
- Fixed loading media plan for cards
- Fixed reports creating

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08/08/2017)
+ Visual fade editor
+ Added export in RADIO Player Pro v.2 format
+ Additional sorting methods for file list
+ Support for Flac, APE tags
+ Added version check when restoring configuration from archive
+ Save fade in tags in a new extended format
+ Added additional marks for fade
+ Auto-marking of the beginning and end of the file
+ Save wave diagram in playlists
+ Additional tag load settings
- Fixed selection of subfolders in MiniBase
- Fixed the using paths from network environment
- Fixed column Group and Section in mediaplan window

RADIO AdsMan Pro (05/08/2017)
! Adding design files from MiniBase will keep base file order
- Fixed loading duplicated data
- Fixed playlist Checker stop settings saving

RADIO AdsMan Pro (04/19/2017)
+ Added setting for view and edit time accuracy
+ Added postal address for firm
+ Added ability to create child partitions in mini-base
+ Added ability to store windows positions
! Card sorting by text is case insensitive
- Fixed data reloading on change notifications
- Fixed empty files and mediaplan in cards
- Fixed configuration update
- Fixed loading places
- Fixed mediaplan time column sort
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/14/2017)
+ Added limit for total block duration for time addons
+ Added limit for minimum count for time addons
+ Added priority for time addons
+ Setting columns for block design list in block properties window
+ Added Clear folder export option
- Fixed Configuration option "Backup on program exit"
- Fixed maximum addons count for a certain cases
- Fixed errors when mediaplan period is changed
- Fixed saving files from list as playlist

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/23/2016)
+ Added timetable generation progress window
+ Added option to show time second decimals
+ Added option to detect data changes
- Fixed timetable auto-saving on edit
- Fixed block setting "Do not use automatic stop if there is no music addons"
- Fixed setting mediaplan file number
! Improved add-on files adding

RADIO AdsMan Pro (11/10/2016)
+ Added duration update button from files in cards list
+ Added color settings for several data types
+ Added automatic export via Windows Task Scheduler
! Improved add-on files adding
- Fixed saving sorted lists in Tables
- Fixed playlists time update

RADIO AdsMan Pro (09/20/2016)
+ Added Maximum addons duration parameter for block addons
+ Added several addons positions support for one block
+ Added filters to Grid type reports
- Fixed Maximum added files count setting for addons
- Fixed Fade creating
- Fixed data upgrade request on second launch after install

RADIO AdsMan Pro (09/08/2016)
+ Added saving filter state in Cards list
+ Added sorting by active state column (#) in cards list
+ Added color setting to mark overloaded block with card
- Fixed error on block properties edit
- Fixed error on data lists edit
- Fixed activation for some devices
- Fixed card moving when no sort column is selected
- Fixed MiniBase file loading

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/20/2016)
+ Added Spot count parameter to display blocks load
+ Added filer by name to "Card" report
+ Added Show file index setting to "Card" report
+ Added split by tile to "Grid" report
+ Added report template "Grid - Load by weekdays"
+ Added spot info in Mediaplan editor and air grid
! Increased cards data load speed
- Fixed configuration restore
- Fixed report data display after Tables data editing
- Fixed overloaded block display

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/09/2016)
+ Added cards Export/Import with tables data
+ Added display period settings for mediaplan editor (Settings - Air Grid)
+ Overload block marking in mediaplan depends on current card duration
- Fixed period for Mediaplan fill master
- Fixed Mediaplan fill master function for Equal intervals
- Fixed timetable templates loading
- Fixed design files duration in created timetable

RADIO AdsMan Pro (03/11/2016)
+ The optional parameter "Announcer" for cards
+ Added the TimeTable cards arrangement with the same section and announcer (Settings - Timetable)
+ Added a confirmation when you add clips to the same by Announcer (Settings - Air Grid - Actions)
+ Advanced settings in the form of "Air grid" in the right-hand mouse menu
+ Cleanup function for "Air grid"
+ Save view settings for "Air grid"
+ Added grid template "By mediaplan" to the mediaplan editor
+ Added testing for data compatibility on startup
+ Fixed mediaplan fill master
- Fixed data import from previous versions
- Fixed appearance of warnings in Timetables list

RADIO AdsMan Pro (02/15/2016)
+ Added Grid column to Cards list
+ Merged Fill and View grid templets
+ Added color to grid templet properties
+ Added mediaplan clean by grid template function
+ Improved Tables data deleting
+ Added filtering by search string in Cards list
- Fixed duplicate Section and Group warnings in mediaplan editor
- Improved cards moving in list
- Fixed work with various regional Windows Settings
- Fixed deleting reports

RADIO AdsMan Pro (11/05/2015)
+ Added settings to show Design and Addons for reports
+ Added block design duration setting
+ Added setting to consider design duration for block free/used time (Settings - Broadcasting grid)
+ Added block load indicator height setting (Settings - Broadcasting grid)
! Changed Advertising place editor for Card properties

RADIO AdsMan Pro (09/25/2015)
+ Improved rotated text quality in RTF export
- Fixed block positions in playlists

RADIO AdsMan Pro (09/14/2015)
- Fixed automatic card positioning on timetable creation
- Fixed block design file time detection

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08/07/2015)
+ Using file times to calculate price and block load
+ Added ability to add/change block positions (Tables - Block positions)
+ Position separation for cards and block design
+ Ability to create blocks without cards with design
+ Individual files for each block position
+ Surcharges / Discounts by position for Tariffs in money
+ Ability to copy cerating block parameters (Tariff, Design, Playlist settings)
+ Link display for block grid
! Fixed unpermitted copy operations for blocks

RADIO AdsMan Pro (04/14/2015)
+ Added Music addons position settings for advertisement block
+ Added Auto-login ability for AdsMan internal users
! Added check for empty time grid template
+ Added duplicate value check on table data edit
+ Added place column to Cards list
+ Enhanced configuration backup/restore/reset control
+ Added Automatic backup on time
- Fixed external player using
- Fixed profile manager bugs

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/03/2014)
- Fixed card sorting bugs
- Fixed data loading issue
- Fixed Windows XP compatibility
- Fixed Air grid report bug
- Fixed time editor bug
- Fixed multiuser access

RADIO AdsMan Pro (10/13/2014)
+ Changed reports section to view report setting without dialog window
+ Added ability to select file for each mediaplan block
+ Added Export/Import for report templates
+ Added English user manual for report designer
+ Added grid template selection for Card report
+ Added setting to calculate block start time by it's stop time
+ Logo is stored in Data folder
+ Start profile manager from File menu
+ Fixed data renaming and deleting
- Fixed file and folder selection buttons in block properties
- Fixed creating timetables templates
- Fixed discount value in card properties dialog when percents are turned off

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/03/2014)
+ Show confirmation when block will be overloaded
+ User export formats can be stored in data folder
+ Added individual report counter
+ Added random color for groups and sections
- Fixed data import from AdsMan v.1
- Fixed timetable playlist editing

RADIO AdsMan Pro (01/13/2014)
! Removed quotes from file name editor
- Fixed column size saving for Playlist Manager

RADIO AdsMan Pro (11/30/2013)
+ Added ability to change grid times with automatic settings and card mediaplan correction
+ Added ability to change time of created time table playlists
+ Grid templet selection for Free time report
+ Added period handling for Mediaplan - List (time, price, manager)
- Fixed period using for Card report
- Fixed Card open error in some cases
- Minor bug fixes

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/17/2013)
+ Added option to select last day in media plan grid
+ Added selection detection to Mediaplan Fill master
+ Added interval setting to Mediaplan Fill master

RADIO AdsMan Pro (06/06/2013)
+ Added Autosave option for Timetable editor window
+ New grid templet edit form
- Fixed report MoneyToString function
- Fixed MiniBase loading when files are on the same disk with profile
- Fixed file list display on playlist deletion in Timetable editor window
- Fixed card position editing in mediaplan editor
- Fixed rotated text display for bottom total line in Cross-Tab report
- Fixed deleted grid time appeared after restart
- Fixed error when deleting timetables
- Fixed Mediaplan Period for reports

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/20/2012)
+ Added settings to disable file and playlist change warnings for created timetables
+ Added setting to view block filled percent in mediaplan grid
+ Added ability to create playlists for blocks without cards
- Fixed option to read real file time on TimeTable creation
- Fixed Sunday display in Broadcasting Grid
- Fixed current card display in Broadcasting Grid when you select/diselect block
- Fixed error when changing media grid period

RADIO AdsMan Pro (07/06/2012)
! Improved group allocation function for timetables
+ Improved timetable editor
+ Added period selection for cards report
+ Added extended configuration info in About folder
+ Improved speed of creating and managing with mediaplan grid for big periods
- Fixed: Report block duplicates for newly created timetable
- Fixed video file using
- Fixed external player usage
- Fixed application restart on configuration restore

RADIO AdsMan Pro (02/03/2012)
+ Added Block load information Broadcasting Grid
+ Added Copy all and Replace All option for creating timetable
+ Added Producer field support for ID3 Tags
- Fixed invalid period for date-to-date period field
- Fixed rare errors when creating or removing timetables
- Fixed card price display for word price after reloading card
- Fixed freezing when empty folder is specified for Jingles or Addons in block properties
- Fixed data load error in some cases
- Fixed errors when filling Columns in Broadcasting Grid

RADIO AdsMan Pro (12/25/2011)
+ Changed period editor in media-plan, grid settings, mediaplan fill wizard
+ Added period filter for Timetables
+ Added export formats for Digispot II
+ Added fill mode for mediaplan fill wizard
+ Added a maximum number sports per day for fill master
+ Added row and column highlighting option for Broadcasting Grid
+ Apply table data name changing for all cards and block settings.
+ Added extended time load information for Broadcasting Grid
+ Added English language interface
+ Added "Text author" support for MP3 tags
! Improved Broadcasting Grid appearance
! Dramatically increased Broadcasting Grid drawing speed when highlighting used
! Changed icons and added a menu on the right mouse button in the Broadcasting Grid
! Wide company logo support for displaying in main window
- Fixed Mediaplan templates in mediaplan fill wizard
- Fixed ignoring of unused blocks in the mediaplan fill wizard
- Fixed start time editing for playlists in the created timetable
- Fixed saving of settings in Settings - Broadcasting Grid
- Fixed saving of settings in Tables - Autoexport templates

RADIO AdsMan Pro
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