RADIO AdsMan Pro - License

License information
  • Life-time license with no annual fees
  • One license can be used for one computer only
  • Free updates within major software version. V.x.x.x (V - major version, x - any number)
  • Price doesn't include VAT and other taxes which may exist (depends on customer's country)
  • Primary technical support
  • Free software reactivation if you change your computer
If you have any questions please contact our licensing department.
New license
License price in US Dollars
$ 69.00
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License upgrade
For each one previously purchased license v.1. we offer new v.2 license at a special price. Both licenses v.1 and v.2 can be used independently.
Upgrade price in US Dollars
$ 39.00
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RADIO AdsMan Pro
Tips ...
RADIO Logger Pro can be used for automatic recording and encoding of external audio signal.