RADIO Base Pro
RADIO Base Pro (02.10.2018)
+ Improved import of files from disk
- Bug fixes

RADIO Base Pro (29.06.2016)
- Fixed file information import on folder synchronization

RADIO Base Pro (30.05.2016)
+ Ability to create sections with folder synchronization
+ Ability to create task for Windows scheduler to auto-synchronize database
+ Ability to change directory for partition and it's files
+ Setting for program display - button or icon
+ Setting for program title text
- Fixed template adding in search window
- Fixed search by Title
+ MySQL 5.7 Compatibility

RADIO Base Pro (14.09.2015)
- Fixed Folder loading

RADIO Base Pro (06.08.2015)
- Fixed duration and parameters detection for WAV files
- Fixed bitrate for WAV files
- Fixed nonexistent files selection
- Fixed search error

RADIO Base Pro (04.06.2015)
+ Added Sex, Country and Time (mix) columns
+ Added time detection button
+ Compatible with MySQL 5.6
- Fixed export/import database
- Fixed file property form close bug

RADIO Base Pro (02.12.2014)
+ Added button to read files time from disk
- Fixed export format

RADIO Base Pro (06.07.2012)
+ Added ability to sort manually Mood, Rate and Temp tables
- Fixed filling available values drop-down list for search by parameter dialog

RADIO Base Pro (03.02.2012)
+ Added Producer file characteristic
+ Added Producer field support for ID3 Tags
- Fixed removing files from disk
+ Added using Windows recycle bin to delete files
- Fixed MySQL server connection
+ English interface

RADIO Base Pro
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