RADIO Rotator Pro - Info

Software for playlists generation (radio broadcast schedule) by the user-specified criteria. It is also required:
Software functions:
  • creation of unlimited number of clips templates;
  • ability to specify an unlimited number of conditions and conditions groups of arbitrary nesting for each template clip;
  • creation of unlimited number of playlists templates;
  • creation of individual broadcast schedule on any day, consisting of an arbitrary number of broadcast units of arbitrary length;
  • inheritance of broadcast schedule on the principle: "Every day" => "Day of week" => "Day at the specified date";
  • assigning of own playlist template to each broadcast unit of broadcast schedule;
  • creation of an arbitrary number of ad units on every day, day of week or specific day of your choosing;
  • playlists generation for any specified date range according to templates, broadcast and advertising schedule;
  • ability to edit playlists;
  • storage of broadcast history for unlimited time;
  • generate reports for playback history in formats: html, pdf, xls, etc.
  • other functions
RADIO Rotator Pro
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RADIO Logger Pro has built-in player for saved records.