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RADIO Logger Pro
RADIO Logger Pro (10/16/2021)
+ Added ability to archive configuration using the Windows Scheduler

RADIO Logger Pro (07/07/2021)
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Logger Pro (11.03.2021)
- Added missing translation strings

RADIO Logger Pro (02/06/2021)
! Reduced interface flickering

RADIO Logger Pro (12/20/2020)
+ Added setting "Restart audio capture at block start"
+ Checking start / stop time for Continuous mode at program start
- Fixed display of the next block for Continuous mode

RADIO Logger Pro (09/08/2019)
! Improved compatibility with Windows XP
+ Added debugger options

RADIO Logger Pro (03/23/2019)
- Fixed work with some Email providers
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Logger Pro (11/22/2018)
+ Added setting "Schedule Auto Record"
- Fixed recording in "Block" mode
- Fixed encoding using external coder

RADIO Logger Pro (11/03/2018)
+ Configure auto-restart Logger in case of critical errors
- Fixed localization loading

RADIO Logger Pro (12/30/2017)
- Stability improvements
- Localization fixed

RADIO Logger Pro (09/21/2017)
- Fixed time deviations in the record
- Fixed selection of the recording device in case of changing of devices during operation
- Stability improvements

RADIO Logger Pro (04/24/2017)
! Removed time gaps between blocks
+ Player enhancements
- Disable changing critical settings when recording
- Fixed accessing Settings with password

RADIO Logger Pro (12/30/2016)
+ Added write access check for archive folders
- Loading data is now locale aware
- Fixed file save template processing

RADIO Logger Pro (09/02/2016)
+ Event type filter in Archive
- Fixed text log creation (#492)

RADIO Logger Pro (02/16/2016)
+ Additional types for secure Email connections
+ Added support for 32 Bit recording
+ Added separate channel recording (Left, Right)
+ Date selection calendar in Journal tab
! Lame encoder updated
- Fixed Lame encoding errors

RADIO Logger Pro (09/14/2015)
+ Added ability to change vertical indicator width
+ Correct record device setting restore after system device list changed

RADIO Logger Pro (03/31/2015)
- Fixed record search by date and time
- Fixed Secure E-mail connection issues

RADIO Logger Pro (01/27/2015)
+ Support for secure SMTP TLS E-mail connection for messages

RADIO Logger Pro (12/01/2014)
+ Start Profile manger from File menu
! Decreased minimum main Logger window size
- Fixed simultaneous autostart for several profiles on Windows start
- Fixed bugs when working with several profiles

RADIO Logger Pro (11/30/2013)
+ Added LPT support for Windows x64
+ Added ability to switch of using unique file names for records
- Fixed Email messages settings saving

RADIO Logger Pro (06/06/2013)
+ Added new Email messages

RADIO Logger Pro (07/06/2012)
+ Added extended configuration info in About folder
- Fixed application restart on configuration restore

RADIO Logger Pro (02/23/2012)
- Fixed skipping of records in Continues mode

RADIO Logger Pro (12/17/2011)
+ Added Automatic launch option on Windows start
+ Added using Windows recycle bin to delete records
- Fixed errors when started under non-administrative Windows account
! Fixed bug when program deletes old records if configuration is corrupted.
* Several changes to Settings window structure

RADIO Logger Pro (11/12/2011)
+ Added ability to set record file names using templates
+ Added detector E-mail messages
+ Added detector application launch
+ Added text hint for tray icon
! Record information is stored separately from records

RADIO Logger Pro (09/27/2010)
- Fixed saving/loading settings

RADIO Logger Pro (09/03/2010)
- Fixed saving/loading of encoder quality settings

RADIO Logger Pro (08/16/2010)
+ Updated program interface
+ Support for Windows 7
+ Full support for Unicode.
+ Work with profiles (for recording of several signals)
+ Encoding "on the fly" without temporary files (requires less resources and disk space)
+ Setting up access to the functions by password
+ Save / restore configuration and records
+ Message log settings
+ Import settings from RADIO Logger Pro v1
+ Schedule moved to a separate tab
+ Added ability to change the title of the program
! Changed Demo restrictions
! Settings moved to the "Tools" menu

RADIO Logger Pro
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