RADIO Base Pro
RADIO Base Pro (02/09/2020)
- Fixed group editing of properties

RADIO Base Pro (12/21/2019)
- Fixed moving files to sections with the mouse
- Fixed moving sections with the mouse
- Fixed errors with working with personal fades

RADIO Base Pro (12/01/2019)
+ Added setting accuracy of time display
! Changed file properties window
- Fixed group editing
- Fixed saving Intro and Outro
- Bug fixes

RADIO Base Pro (09/08/2019)
! Improved compatibility with Windows XP
+ Added debugger options
- Fixed working with fades from file tags

RADIO Base Pro (07/07/2019)
+ Visual fade editor
+ Autodetector start and end silence
+ Save fade parameters in the database
+ Download advanced options when synchronizing
+ Profiles support

RADIO Base Pro
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