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RADIO Base Pro
Free software for storing and managing music collection. Allows you to store files with a customized playback, search by various parameters.
  • Create a database of music files on the local computer or via Internet using IP address;
  • Open database on local or remote computer;
  • Provide multiuser access to data;
  • Tree structure to organize music collection;
  • Import files and folders with all information from Id3/Ogg file tags;
  • Edit files properties in the database, and manage ID3 Tags;
  • Edit multiple files;
  • built-in audio player;
  • Database search by various parameters;
  • Create and save search queries;
  • database backups and recover functions;
  • "Drag and Drop" support for explorer and RADIO Studio Pro programs ;
RADIO Base Pro
Tips ...
RADIO Checker Pro has multy-frequency signals detection (DTMF).
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