RADIO Checker Pro - Changelog

RADIO Checker Pro (21.01.2017)
! Minor bugs fixed updated stability
- Fixed updates checking

RADIO Checker Pro (15.05.2016)
- Fixed "Sample not found" message

RADIO Checker Pro (12.02.2016)
! Improved Windows 10 compatibility
- Fixed audio test errors

RADIO Logger Pro (31.03.2015)
+ Enhanced configuration backup/restore control
+ Automatic backup on time
+ Automatic update check
- Fixed SSL Email issues

RADIO Logger Pro (27.01.2015)
+ Support for secure SMTP TLS email connection for messages

RADIO Checker Pro (01.03.2014)
+ Windows 8.1 is now supported

RADIO Checker Pro (06.06.2013)
+ Added "Sample not found" message

RADIO Checker Pro (08.05.2011)
+ Added option to minimize window after application start
+ Added option to start sample detection after application start

RADIO Checker Pro (19.03.2009)
+ Added file start option to Sample property dialog
- Fixed HASP detection when program is started automatically with Windows
+ Added disk write access check on application start

RADIO Checker Pro (31.05.2007)
+ New detection algorithm
+ Detection of "mixed" samples
+ Individual channel settings per sample
+ Individual sensitivity settings per sample
+ High frequency support for commands (Above 15 KHz)
+ Detection percent display in real time per each sample
+ MP3 files can be used as samples
+ Windows XP/Vista themes support
! Windows Vista compatibility
! Removed simultaneous sample detection count
! New help file
- Fixed found bugs

RADIO Checker Pro (22.02.2005)
+ E-mail notification on sample detection
+ Added detecting by the difference of channels
! Setup size decreased
! HASP drivers in separate installation package
- Bugs fixed

RADIO Checker Pro (22.06.2004)
! Number of detections for demo version was increased up to 10
! Improved detection
+ Error descriptions when sample was not turned on for detection
+ Addition noise reduction level for Wave samples (Maximum)
- Bugs Fixed

RADIO Checker Pro (10.02.2004)
+ Added support for HASP keys
! Improved detection
- Fixed frequency definitions
- Bugs Fixed

RADIO Checker Pro (27.06.2003)
! Improved detection
+ Selection of sound capture mode (Standard or DirectX)

RADIO Checker Pro (07.05.2003)
+ Using DirectX
+ Improved detection
+ Frequency commands Detection (DTMF, MKTT ...)
+ Frequency settings
- Bug fixes

RADIO Checker Pro (01.11.2002)
! Error handling improved
- Minor fixes

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RADIO Logger Pro can be used for automatic recording and encoding of external audio signal.