16 January 2018
Update: RADIO AdsMan Pro 2.8.3
- Fixed update of cards duration manually - Fixed editing of the created schedule - Optimizing memory usage - Fixed the option "Collect in a single playlist" for the Schedule report - Fixed applying changes from Air grid to Grid templates - Fixed search for cards - Bugs fixed

16 January 2018
Update: RADIO Player Pro 2.0.6
+ Color settings for personal fade - Fixed saving of tags in file properties - Fixed title update errors from the stream - Fixed file mix - Fixed auto import of playlists - Bug fixes

30 December 2017
Update: RADIO Logger Pro 2.3.0
- Stability improvements - Localization fixed

1 December 2017
Update: RADIO AdsMan Pro 2.8.2
+ Added option to update files duration from disk to create timetables + Added export format PowerGold (Natural Log) ! Improvements in the search for cards - Fixed time addons usage - Fixed interface repaint when resizing program window - Fixed the loss of file titles - Bugs fixed

17 October 2017
Update: RADIO Player Pro 2.0.4
+ Added options for archive setup + Added Email messages for Audio Detector + Added setting of the playback buffer for retransmission ! Renaming a fade is applied to all objects with this fade type ! Retransmission enhancement for "Listen device" mode + Added playback device setting MiniExplorer - Fixed missing items for mouse button menu - Fixed bugs when defining multiple DTMF samples - Fixed incorrect change playlist start properties in Reserve mode - Fixed saving of some parameters for playlists import - Fixed duplicates in Import playlist auto-corrector settings

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22 September 2017
Update: RADIO Player Pro 2.0.3
+ Added updated MiniExplorer with search and listen functions + Added separate setting for auto-import of playlists + Added autoimport for playlists on source directory change event + Added saving mixer settings to restore on start or exit + Added setting for minimizing the program instead of closing + Extended range for sample sensitivity level in AudioDetector + Display level in Audio Detector with samples are inactive + Improved DTMF signal recognition ! Improved stability - Fixed launch of the playlist by the AudioDetector - Fixed deleting playlist files after stopping - Fixed retransmission fade function - Fixed device volume setting on playback - Fixed loading data from tags for starting playlists

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8 September 2017
Update: RADIO Logger Pro 2.3.2
- Fixed time deviations in the record - Fixed selection of the recording device in case of changing of devices during operation - Stability improvements

15 August 2017
Update: RADIO Player Pro 2.0.2
+ Information templates by day of the week and time + Regular expression replacement in information templates + Loading text from file in information templates - Filter fixes by date in playlists - Reduced memory consumption - Fixed loading and saving of tags

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9 August 2017
Update: RADIO AdsMan Pro 2.8.0
+ Visual fade editor + Added export in RADIO Player Pro v.2 format + Additional sorting methods for file list + Support for Flac, APE tags + Added version check when restoring configuration from archive + Save fade in tags in a new extended format + Added additional marks for fade + Auto-marking of the beginning and end of the file + Save wave diagram in playlists + Additional tag load settings - Fixed selection of subfolders in MiniBase - Fixed the using paths from network environment - Fixed column Group and Section in mediaplan window

8 May 2017
Update: RADIO AdsMan Pro 2.7.4
! Adding design files from minibase will keep base file order - Fixed loading duplicated data - Fixed playlist Checker stop settings saving

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RADIO Logger Pro has audio capture quality settings.
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